Contrats doctoraux UCA de l'ED SF 2021, sujets proposés en Anglais

Application form to be submitted before 23 May 2021 midnight.

Audition of the candidates by the disciplinary juries during the first half of June 2021 :

  • On June the 7th, 2021:   Jury Physics (IP + LCP)
  • On June the 8th, 2021:   Jury Chemistry (ICCF + IMost)
  • On June the 10th, 2021: Jury Atmospheric Sciences (LaMP)
  • On June the 11th, 2021 : Jury Mathematics (LMBP)
  • On June the 15th, 2021 : Jury Earth Sciences (LMV)

Meeting of the ED Council to allocate allocations during the second half of June 2021 :

  • On June the 17th, 2021 : ED SF Council to allocate allocations



Institut Pascal (IP)
All the subjects are with P1 priority:
Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont (LPC)